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Ecomag linear actuators enable the safe and precise power-driven movement of medical devices like beds, tables, and chairs for patients in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and home-care settings. These compact and cost-effective systems feature a modular design to promote customization for the most demanding application requirements. One version of the housing is ready to connect a control unit, SEM series.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab

Push load

up to 6 000

Pull load

up to 4 000 N

Max stroke (mm)

50 to 300 mm


24 V DC

Operating temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Type of protection


Output voltage


Max. speed no load (mm/s)

up to 9 mm/s

Duty cycle (%)


Actuator range catalogue
Ecomag datasheet
Ecomag operating manual
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Warning Message

WARNING: the part code generated by the 3D model configurator may be incorrect. For product orders, please always refer to our catalogue pages where the type-keys are indicated.

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